If it wasn't for the Blues, You wouldn't know when you were happy. 

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Music City Blues Jam now at Skully's
Blues Jam
YouTube clips! 

Hi, You're Invited!!  See, hear, meet & network with area blues musicians.

TUESDAY- Skully's Saloon -(21 Up)
No Cover, 7-11pm, Free Parking
333 Swinging Bridge Rd
Old Hickory, TN 37138

Blues Injection:

·        Chuck "Mr Moustache" Kotlaris (Jam Host - Lead Guitar / Vocals)

·        Kathy “Lovely & Talented” Kotlaris – (Vocals / 12 String guitar)

·        Terry "The Wizard" Newton (Bass / Guitar / Sound) 

·        Todd "Snap" Newland (Drums)

·        Rex Clem (Bass / Vocals)

The official JAM page:

The only jam officially sponsored by Music City Blues & Superior Music





Unsigned Only is now accepting entries for the 2016 competition.

Information on how to enter can be found at



How to tell the difference between Blues & Rock.
Like you don't really know.  From

  1. If the guitar player has one small amplifier, Blues Band. 
    If he has a stack of them, Rock Band.
  2. If the keyboard player only plays piano or organ, Blues Band. 
    If he's uses other sounds, Rock Band.
  3. If the guitar player breaks a string and changes it on the spot, Blues Band.                                                                                                                                                                          If a roadie comes out with a replacement guitar, Rock Band.
  4. If the bass player's instrument has only four strings, or is a stand up, Blues Band.
    More than four, Rock Band.
  5. If there are wives and children around the stage, Blues Band. 
    Scantly clad women, Rock Band.
  6. If they play the same songs differently every night, Blues Band. 
    Play the same songs the same way every night, Rock band.
  7. If they make up the lyrics as they go, Blues Band. 
    Read lyrics from a tele-prompter, Rock band.
  8. If they arrive in a van, Blues Band. 
    If they arrive in a school bus, Rock band.
  9. If everyone is drinking liquor, Blues Band. 
    Drinking beer, Rock Band.
  10. If people dance together, Blues band. 
    Mill about separately, Rock Band.
  11. If people clap their hands to the backbeat, Blues Band. 
    Pump their fists in the air, Rock Band.
  12. If the male musicians are wearing Dockers, Blues Band. 
    If they are wearing Spandex, Rock Band.




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